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In full flight
Fuck me Bridie, we're sucking diesel now!
Heard predominantly in the more rustic parts of N. Ireland.
by Jimmy Ribshite October 23, 2003
58 30
An phrase indigenous to the rural peoples of Norn Iron and The Republic Of Ireland.
It means things are going exceptionally well.

An attempt by plastic paddy colin murray to bring this phrase to the attention of the british public is underway.

see also the phrases "going great guns" and "cruising at 90".
nigel:"how are Armagh doing in the all Ireland?"
seamus:"jaysus they're sucking diesel so they are sir."
by DANNY August 01, 2004
74 10
Said when you're not just feeling OK, but feeling great!
Pioneered by Colin Murray & Edith Bowman on BBC Radio 1, UK.
How are you?
I am sucking diesel!
by Andy July 21, 2004
52 48