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Smoking crack. This drug is so potentially addictive that the pleasure you feel after a blast is so amazing that it is like a gift from heaven. This is quickly exchanged with a coming down which makes the user want that feeling back. He/She does whatever to get more and keeps sucking on the pipe, pop can or whatever else he/she can use to get the crack gas into their lungs/bloodstream again. Once no more crack can be found, the user goes into a deep state of depression and need which is like a trade off with the Devil. Great sensation given - temporarily - Terrible over-all feeling afterwards.
Candice: "I need to get more rock I think my boy will take this Dollarama vase for a twenty piece!

Dude: "Don't count on it girl, why don't you just stop sucking on the devil's dick, its killing you!"
by psiscott April 09, 2006
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