Well the others seem to have there own share of what it means, but a suckjob is when someone is accomplishing something and they do a crappy job of it....

Or it could be used as what your ocupation is like if you work at McDonalds thats a suckjob....
(dave did his homework 5 night in a row what an accomplishment)

Teacher: wow david you did your homework the only problem is you did a "suckjob"

Dave:(walks away being emo)
#mcdonalds #emo #homework #teacher #crappy
by Johnny ol' boy August 12, 2006
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basically the same thing as a blowjob, but the name makes more sense
man, bitch just dropped to her knees, and gave me the best suckjob
by Anonymous October 23, 2003
oral stimulation associated with the penis
jenna is such a whore . She gives out suckjobs left and right
by nick pearls March 13, 2003
a blowjob, just a new name because honestly blowjob doesn't make any sense. also, instead of shortening to 'sj' its quick name is 'slurpie.'
Dennis: Dang Kevin, I might call up your sister and see if she can give me a suckjob this weekend.

Kevin: Dude that's down right awful, when its my sister feel free to say slurpie.
#blowjob #bj #oral pleasure #footjob #handjob
by ass katchum January 12, 2010
basically its a blowjob but blows not really the right word ... so one afternoon in bakers oven we founded the suckjob ...... its an amazing slang word for blowjob yes!!
TREVOR: graham where were you last night man?
GRAHAM: sorry, but i called in to see greg and she gave me the best fucking suckjob imaginable
TREVOR: graham!! what have a i told you about greg?
GRAHAM: fuck off trevor greg is fair game
#blowjob #head #nob #suck #blow
by i be trevor and i am August 18, 2006
The same thing as a blow job, but the person gowing down doesn't come up, they just move their tongue around in pleasurable motions to produce an orgasm.
Damn that suck job was ten times better than a bj. DAMN!
#sj #bj #suck #job #suck job #blow job
by Goodson April 08, 2008
Getting your lips around somebody's shaft and giving it a good old suck until they cream on your tonsils
I'd give those lads Harvey and Cam a suck job anyday. I've heard that girl Becky is good at giving suck jobs
#suck #blowjob #penis #cock #foreplay
by Helentaylor March 10, 2015
* similar to a blowjob, however the women violently sucks the penis like she's trying to get the last few drops from a drink

* An occupation employed by pimps to metaphorically " suck" the Money out a targets wallets and bank account
* sucking on a lollipop so fucking hard that the damn thing is sucked of the stick and flys into the persons mouth, causing a lot of gagging
* Can you give me suck job instead of a blowjob, blowjobs are gross

* I want you to suck this target dry of money until he don't have enough to buy some toilet paper
* Be careful with that lollipop, you wouldn't want to give yourself a suckjob
#suck #job #lollipop #blowjob #gagging
by Datt_nutt April 21, 2015
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