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When somebody is so annoying and a waste of your time to be around
"Shut up Quackers, you suck at life"
by Carl October 01, 2004
13 29
1. to fail at every attempt to contribute too society or any attempts at talent.
2. a phrase used when someone does something terribly wrong that frustrates another.
1. Goth: I suck at life i think ima cut myself.
2. Kid 1: I lost our group science project when i was buying crack.
Kid 2: Damn it! You suck at life.
by stupid May 30, 2004
181 66
1. (adj.) To be naturally unlucky. To suffer constant misfortune.

2. (v.) To make a decision which seems to be innocent, but actually leads to undesired consequences and often catastrophic misfortune.
adj: Bobby, who sucks at life, tripped and landed on the rusty, AIDS infected syringe.

v: Brian sucked at life when he made the decision to invest all of his money in Enron right before the huge scandal.
by Jeff October 26, 2004
118 50
n. To be completely without people skills

n. Totally lacking in every single aspect of life.

n. Completely oblivious to the actions, thoughts, and behavior of others as well as themselves.
Despite his best intentions, Travis has always sucked at life.

He has always held a certain propensity to suck at life, despite his best intentions.
by tledd December 16, 2005
72 32
1. to have horrible skills for the US board game called "Life"; to never win in the US board game called "Life"
3. to choke every time one tries to eat or to be allergic to the US based breakfast cereal "Life"
1. I suck at life, even my 7 year old sister beats me.
2. Person 1: What do you want for breakfast?
Person 2: What have you got?
Person 1: Eggs or Life cereal.
Person 2: Eggs, definately. I suck at Life.
by Locus April 02, 2007
58 43
1. describing the state of lacking basic life skills such as: literacy, driving a car, managing finances, communicating directly, managing emotions, and filling out a job application.
How could you not know how to type? You just suck at life.
by theunknowngl October 16, 2004
26 29
A phrase to be yelled when a mistake is made -- be it big or small. Japanese in origin.
1. Cindy: I broke a nail!
Jane: You suck at life!

2. Jane: I hit an old man with my car as he was crossing the street!
Cindy: You suck at life!
by Megan September 04, 2004
34 37
A phrase used to describe those that spend far too much time on Urban Dictionary.
Matt: Hey dude, whatcha browsin?

Olaf: www.urbandictionary.com

Matt: Oh... YOU SUCK AT LIFE!!! *Laughs wildly*

Olaf: *Cries*
by Soapus June 28, 2007
22 29