piss off.
get outta here.
fuck off.
Stop being so fucking annoying...go shuck a nut!!!
by Ashley P December 15, 2003
Top Definition
when someone pisses you off and you have no come-back what so ever
Tommy:" you're mom is is gay! "
Zakk: " Hey..SUCK A NUT !!! "
by zakk April 28, 2004
When someone doesen't listen to you or you're mad at someone you tell them to suck some testicles.
<Mengo> Suckanut Treize!
<Treize> Maybe later, right now I'm busy with Mark064.
by Mengo March 14, 2004
Same as the others
<Corrin> I can't suckanut because my mouth is too busy on Mengo's cock
<Mengo> MM Baby.
by Treize March 15, 2004
to ummm suck a guys FUCKING BALLS U MORON.
1)ur mom sucked my nuts last nite
2)suck a nut bitch
3) suck deez nuts bitch
by Ian K from NJ August 21, 2003
to be gay, like Daniel Mullica.
Your mom won't let you stay out pass 8:00!!! That sucks a nut Daniel!
by AlienwareCrzy <bawlz> May 30, 2003
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