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An extremely bithcy girl
usually named Nicole
fangs, leathery wings, and teeth are ocated between her legs
still havent found the tail
Mitch: what the fuck is twisting that bitches tit?!?

Dustin: shes not a bitch mitch, she a succubus. Its all explained with that
by LintLord February 01, 2008
9 16
Evil devilwoman sent from hell to pull your best mate firstly away from you, then to try and split you and your friend apart with the sly temptressness.


Succubus's Name=Ho

Unlucky victim=J

Victims Mate=J2

Ho goes out with J. Ho messes J about. Ho takes J away from many wonderful things such as watching the footie or playing on PS3s with J2. Ho then dumps J for some bullshit reason like "you're too nice"

Ho then tries to come on to J2: Two possiblities

Good : J2 tells Succubitch to "jog on"
Bad : J2 goes out with Succubitch and the cycle continues to J3
by Zimmez Shabba November 27, 2007
6 17
1. An evil whore who marries a guy for his money, and also has a receding hairline and a gum smile.
"Dude, Megan's stepmom Ellen is a huge succubus."
by Rory McHomo August 04, 2006
14 41