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when 40 something men and their soccer mom wifes who normally are very law abiding break laws and rules, not by being gangster but by intitling themselves, and feeling like theyre above said laws and rules. this usually occurs by the sense of impowerment that comes from being middle managment, and driving a honda accord. this also seems to only happen in packs, as suburbanites are very meek when solo. alcohol also seems to directly related
bringing glass into the pool area, smoking in non smoking areas, parking in handicapped spots while they run into starbucks or the mall for 3 hours, mothers of two kids taking their tops off at john mayer concerts, driving home competely hammered from said concert, beating their wifes after a bad day at work.

bystanded witnesses a soccer mom park her minivan in the fire lane while she runs in for her venti triple double foam sextuple shot mocha creampie latte

bystander to friend: "thats suburban thuglife"
by maafaacker July 08, 2009
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