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1. Star character of the CLAMP manga Tokyo Babylon, and a major character in the series X (X/1999), Subaru exists to take all the pain the writers can think up for him. An Angstbunny of the highest order... if it can go badly for a normal person, it will explode into bloody pieces when Subaru is involved. Although this is unfortunate, if not entirely Subaru's fault, the fact that he seems unwilling to so much as attempt to move on past his angst--or do anything other then wallow in it--makes him a mite unbearable at times. He makes emos look well adjusted!
2. Not always a kind of car.
3. Poster boy for angst.
4. Exceptionally popular, for reasons unknown by the writer.
"My life really sucks, and here are the reasons why, not to mention the reasons I will not attempt to improve it..."
"Dude, shut up. We don't need another Subaru Sumeragi around here."
by pno April 11, 2006

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