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Lead Singer of a group of New York Skacore/Punk Deathmetal bands he is an Autonomist and is largely anti-Cop. his home venue is a squat in new york called C-Squat

- Choking Victim
- Leftöver crack
- Crack rock sready 7 (mexico)
- (formerly) Banji
he performs mainly in free venues because alot of locations refuse to book him and his band, as many shows end in riots

Also uses a bunch of aliases
- Stergueon
- Mr.Crack
- Crack Daddy Kane
- Osama Stz Laden
and many more

known abuser of crack cocaine and alcohol
also largely infested with body bugs
Dude, Did you see Stza at the LOC show?, he was putting on a great show
by Döug April 01, 2006
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1.satan in human form.
2.member of leftover crzack.
stza, satan, same person!!
by deviant February 07, 2005
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A freaking hot dude. This word originates from the ability to be as cool, or hot as the lead singer of Leftover Crack, Choking Victim ect...
"Man, that dude is stza!"
by chza crack December 04, 2007
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