commonly referred to as the stick up someone's ass
Dude, pull the stype out.
by Jay102284 November 03, 2005
Top Definition
A person who fits the negative cultural sterotype of their culture.
Yo, check out those stypes.

Quit being a stype and pull up your pants.

Stop talking like an ignorant stype.
by ronasaurusx April 08, 2006
a combination of style and type
"yo that girl be my stype for real" "thats my stype of reefer right here"
by RDE45 August 29, 2007
a french word meaning "moist"
that honda civic is making me stype


thinking of having a vegas jaffle made me stype
by phat_dat August 31, 2007
A portmanteau of the two words 'style' and 'type', when used to describe something which suits you or exists in a form you enjoy. To say something is your stype is to be awesome.

How stype came to be;

Jen: I wouldn't say bad, just not my stype. I mean style.
TK: Stype.
Jen: ;_; I CAN'T TYPE
TK: Portmanteau of style and type... I like it.
Example one:

Girl 1: Does this top suit me?
Girl 2: Totally. It has your stype written all over it.

Example two:

Guy 1: Shouldn't you be studying for the exams instead of obsessing over playing Free Bird on Expert?
Guy 2: Studying? Not my stype. Now, Guitar Hero? That's a completely different story.
Guy 1: Lol, 'kay then.
by Mizz TK October 19, 2007
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