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block, hinder, frustrate
you stymie me you @#$%er
by Anonymous November 04, 2003
The character name of one of the "Little Rascals", a black boy who starred along with Buckwheat. He was black, so they gave him a name associated with his shade of skin color, what you'd probably see if you were blind.
Stymie is Scottish for "blind man.", in particular, one with white eyes like cataracts, thus what they'd call one golf ball blocking another golf ball on the golf green. It really could, with some imagination, look like a man with cataracts.
Eddie Murphy got his start making stand-up jokes about all the names given the Little Rascals, particularly Stymie.
by skydog70 May 18, 2007
A mix between STINKY and SLIMY.
A) wow, that girl looks all stymie.

B) That big old gorilla bitch touched my arm, now i feel all stymie
by Hector_Gone_Bad October 21, 2007
aged to a funky smell. old. rotten. moldy. smelling of fungus.
that cheese has gotten stymie.
ooh, whats that stymie smell in here?
them underwear are stymie!
by Billy Bimbauminnim September 23, 2006
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