A overwhelming feeling of having picked up a disease by watching a television show that is so skanky it makes you feel like you have a sexually transmitted disease. i.e. Barbwire
I may have to go to the doctor for some kind of ointment. I was watching Baywatch last night and I think I contracted an STV.
by Gregtionary December 04, 2008
Top Definition
Abbreviation for Stranglethorn Vale in the World of Warcraft game.
lets quest in stv. meaning lets go quest in stranglethorn vale.
by Spikex2 April 05, 2006
Sexually Transmitted Vegetarianism or Veganism

1. - n. - the conversion of a meat eater to herbivore status at the prompting of the meat eater's new boyfriend or girlfriend

2. - n. - the conversion of a meat eater to herbivore status in the hopes of establishing a romantic encounter with a decided vegetarian or vegan

Meat Eater: "Yo, let's a grab a steak. My treat."
New Vegan: "Sorry dude. No steak for me. My new girlfriend would kill me if she could taste cow on me."
Meat Eater: "Wow. I never thought you'd catch an STV."

Vegan Guy: "So, how long have you been a vegan?"
Fresh Vegan Convert: "Uh...about 2 days, I guess."
Vegan Guy: "That's when you met me! Did I give you an STV?"
by Tom Cerveaux January 25, 2010
Abbreviation for Straight to Voicemail.
Andrea: Did you try to call her about the Star Trek tickets?
Candy: Yep, STV. She never picks up.
by joybender March 03, 2011
In french, "Si Tu Veux," used in place of "if you want."
-Hey boy. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?

-How about 6 tonight?
--Yeah, sure, stv.
by qualifiedfor August 11, 2011
A man who wears swimming trunks so tight they squeeze the vowels out of his name
Did you see that Stv at Center Parcs ?

What, the guy who was suffocating his future progeny ?
by Lord Foxbat IX February 04, 2010
System Transmitted Virus
When a virus gets into your msn/myspace/facebook count an send random message to everyone on your friends list.

"omg....shes got another STV"
by nickic April 21, 2008
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