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any reference to a cat.
Ow! My fucking stuv scratched me!
by Tinkerbelll April 28, 2004
a computer literate, computer science student, equipped with the latest in technology.
"waaaaaah, stuv yoo soo trendy"
"steven, your failing english"
"watts, watts, watts, watts"
"A, B, C.......S, T, U, V"
#watts #davies #brettsanoob #stuv
by jwatson October 11, 2005
someone too stupid to live, or an action that defines you as somebody too stupid to live
That blonde was a real stuv! Trying to get the dents out of her car by blowing on the exhaust pipe!

Forgetting to take the filler hose out of his gas tank before he drove away was a real stuv thing to do!
by SmokeyJoe August 28, 2005
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