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synonymn for stupid
j00 stupit
by Foobear February 14, 2004
The way Italian dads pronounce "stupid."
"You stupit!" (Said by stressing the "t".)
by Boneyard2 September 29, 2007
A slang term Native Americans use to describe their white friends bad ideas.
Mr. Rexwinkel is so stupit
by Mr. Indian 99 July 29, 2010
A subject that demonstrates a skill that is viewed by the majority population as unexceptional and dangerous.
90% of submissions on YouTube.com contain people call'ed Stupit"s.
by thablock957 April 25, 2010
The superlative or most extreme form of stupid.
Fight club was a stupit movie
by Mr. Jerry R. Peoples March 22, 2003
stupid Someone who does something dumb and brags about it.
yasi:"I forgot To turn the arrow the "heat" side and froze my butt off this morning"

Lainne:"You Stupit!"
by Yasmin Marie June 28, 2005
adj: describes when someone is NOT being stupid, but just funny, when funny will not suffice.
superlative: of funny
i just figured out ur icon!
hahahaha. it looped. ur so stupit.
by mr falop May 21, 2005