The bewilderment following an event so ridiculous that you can't work out WTF God could have meant by it.
What the hell? That chick was the kindest, most generous person who ever lived, and she gets freakin' SMASHED by a drunk-driver?! I think I'm having a stupiphany.

We did everything right all season. We prayed like MFs. We only needed a draw for the title. Last kick of the game takes three deflections and goes in; we lose. The whole team was sat in the dressing room having stupiphanies - you could see it on their faces.
by Gumboyaya December 07, 2009
Top Definition
A sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something very basic, annoyingly obvious, or - in hindsight - really stupid. The person having the stupiphany is generally greatly excited, while observers just shake their heads at how obvious the answer was.
It dawned on Dan one morning as he was driving that the word windshield was made up of the 2 words describing what it did: "I've had a stupiphany!" he ejaculated!

Maria's latest stupiphany came when she looked up Men At Work lyrics and realized it was "a vegemite sandwich" instead of "a bite of my sandwich" in the song Land Down Under.

After several years of training/certification, Seth suddenly realized that CPR was really just manually activating the heart to pump blood: it was a real stupiphany.
by seththegreat February 13, 2011
When someone stupid thinks they're having an earth-shattering epiphany that is in fact so incredibly moronic, asinine and just plain retarded that you have to bite your tongue not to scream, "Are you stupid!?" It's actually a stupiphany.
"Oh, you know what? Do you think maybe the reason my Windows password won't work is because my mouse cord is touching my keyboard...?" (-some rocket scientist enduser)

"...And all of a sudden I just thought, oh my goodness, I shouldn't reach my arm up so high since I'm pregnant!! It'll pull on the baby's umbilical cord so tight and strangle the baby..." (... because we all know the umbilical cord is directly attached to the mother's armpit!?)

Stupiphany, folks.
by chocolatepants September 08, 2008
The sudden realization that you have been stupid for way too long. The light goes on, and you realize with a "Duh!" that your behavior needs to change.

When an "Ah-ha!" is the result of something that should have been obvious.
Stan had a "stupiphany" that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results was not working.
by Strangefruit January 09, 2006
An epiphany you think makes you brilliant but, after thinking a moment, is actually something you should have already known, hence making you feel stupid.
I had a stupiphany: I think Clark Kent and Superman might be the same guy!
by bademu October 15, 2012
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