1. an exclamation conveying anger at a person who just did that thing that made you angry, usually said by pussies who are afraid of cussing.

2. sometimes used to describe a jerk
Guy 1: (takes your bag and throws it in the trash)
Guy 2: Aw, stupid!

Kid 1: My girlfriend just cheated on me.
Kid 2: She's so goddamn stupid.
Kid 3: What a jerk.
by Jae K. May 17, 2008
Someone that does not think like you.
Someone that keeps the rules or the law.
Someone that stays in school
Someone that drives safely
Someone with A MBA in Business from Yale
Anyone not a Democrat and Liberal
Someone not Hip and Cool
Everyone you hate
Anyone that is smarter then you
Anyone not your friend
Anyone that will not fuck you
Everyone that will fuck you
George Bush is stupid
That Cop is stupid
The Teacher is stupid
That Bitch is stupid
The Earth needs me to save it, stupid
Heath Care should be free, stupid
Having a good job is stupid
Don't be stupid, I can drive
The guy in front of you
by roadrunrnch July 10, 2008
BOYS, males, anything with a penis
For example, Boys are stupid.
by brianna42524587485686 May 22, 2007
Knowing better, but doing it anyway.
I know it was stupid to drink that beer that was left
out from the night before, but I was thirsty.
by P Rescue,TSI August 10, 2006
Someone who is like Emily.
Emily is stupid. It's time for her to get a new car, and she sees a crappy Mustang. She asks "How fast does that car go? Does that go over 100?" "I want a car that goes fast!"
by bigblob116 January 07, 2008
1. Lacking Intelligence.
2. Awesome; great
1. Ron was so stupid that he doesn't even know what a hamstring is.
2. "Yo, that was hot, that was crazy, that was stupid!"
by Jay M August 08, 2006
The people who are finding stupid in dictionary lol
your stupid
by jomama111111111111111111111 May 18, 2008
What you feel after you do something totally unnecessary, but you need to do it anyway and something you didn't expect happens, and it's only afterwards that you realise what you've done. Usually involves a person of the opposite sex and/or someone you got a crush on.
Liam thought he would say hi to the girl he liked, but Liam unintentionally freaked out said girl. Now the girl wont talk to him. Liam feels stupid.
by I am that Liam :( November 10, 2004

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