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A dumb female that fucks anything that moves.
Usually causes rage amongst other females which concludes with a term in the hospital for said "stupid slut".
Janelle is such a stupid slut! Let's go beat her ass!
by Kalein April 10, 2006
A person who has an extremely high capability of being a slut, while being stupid at the same time. Also known as a gufeyguber or anyone who goes by any variations of the name "Goo", "Gu", or "Gooey". Usually, a stupid slut also likes to wear mismatched socks and blue shoes, and a stupid slutty yellow baseball cap. They are also from the stupid slutty city of St. Louis, which is filled with stupid sluts, all of whom are inferior to he-who-may-not-be-named.
"What did David get on the chem test?"
"Wow! David is such a stupid slut!"
by anonymous9494949494 October 08, 2012
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