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Something so loud that defies any sort of good explanation as to why it has to be that loud.

The term can can be used in a couple of situations with different connotations:

1. When someone or something is very loud when they/it does not need to be. Similar to needlessly loud.

2. To describe a thing that naturally has a very, very high decibel level.
1. SHUTUP! You're talking so stupid loud that I can't even think!

1a. Why do you have the TV on so stupid loud? You can hear it from across the damn street!

2. Holy shit, lightning struck the tree in our yard last night and the thunder was stupid loud!
by Jim Fear April 26, 2009
Another level of marijuana's sensory goodness. Better than good good. So loud it's obscene, almost stupid. Can be smelled blatantly through two bags.
"Got some stupid loud on deck"
by the_bensonator November 22, 2015

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