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A girl who is both a bitch and stupid. Can also include an adjective in between both words.
Vito: I am meeting up with that stupid greek bitch.
by Steven Muntner *see RAT-MAN February 28, 2005
pronounced (stoo-pid bi-ch)

Worse than a normal bitch, the stupid bitch has it's own specie classification, as it has a genetic structure and mental capacity inferior to that of a normal human being. You may recognize a stupid bitch by their irrational and selfish behavior. Though it is theoretically possible for a male to be a stupid bitch, there has been no such documented case.

Antonym: Decent Person
"What a stupid bitch!" in reference to the selfish or unintelligent actions of another.
by Svenix April 25, 2007
A female that acts and is a know it all, who causes drama, just because she has no life, and is filled with toxicity by creating in the legal since, slander, defamatory comments, and /or libel.
A stupid bitch is one that uses rumors to present the other person in a false light.
by Rainbowstarz October 16, 2006
A female described as being a pain in the ass, starts all kinds of drama, is the type of female many guys view as cheap p*ssy, and usually known as throwaways when a guy is done dealing with low class female with no standards. These types of females are usually known as chickenheads, project hoodrats, and trailer park bimbos.
That stupid bitch is always trying to kill my mojo with that person.
by QB75 April 27, 2008
People who consistantly do dumb shit.
Who the hell is the stupid bitch playing with pokemon cards?
That's Colt,
by Falcon March 28, 2003
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