The act of killing someone who is intolerably stupid. Alternately: the act of killing someone by subjecting them to overwhelming amounts of idiocy.
I'm going to have to commit stupicide if this guy doesn't shut up.

The guy found dead while watching "The Fast & The Furious" was clearly a victim of stupicide.
by Greenie July 21, 2004
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The act of attempting suicide but failing miserably because of your own stupidity and only succeeding in embarassing yourself.
I committed stupicide last night. I stuck my head in the oven to gas myself and then I remembered I've got an electric cooker.
by rubble May 11, 2006
The incoherent act of killing yourself without any knowledge or inclination of the environment around you that caused your ultimate demise.
D-low walked into a oncoming bus while looking back at Susie's ass. He committed stupicide.
by BeerSponge February 21, 2014

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