a drug dealer somone who takes risks like a stuntman almost and and sells drugs knowing what precations they face(i hope i sounded white)
"man that guy went to sellin crack what a stuntman
by koonta ray ray January 05, 2006
Top Definition
It is a drinking stunt, preferably with the supplies of salt, lime and tequila.
First you sniff a line of salt
then squeeze lime juice in your eye
and last take one or two shots of tequila
Ricky: Hey did you see AJ do the stunt man?
Jeff: Ya, the crazy bastard was crying and bleeding out of his nose for half an hour
by Ran Ran January 05, 2007
The act of claiming someone elses fart, so they do not look bad in front of a member of the opposite sex.
When youre out with your friend/s, and some girls. You then fart, and your buddy claims it so you dont look bad in front of your potential chic. It usually involves you telling your friend "hey stunt man me", before you blow ass.
by mcdoogal August 17, 2009
Singular. Stunt Crew - Plural. A pretty beast dude cheerleader who is part of the cheerleading squad. They do wicked awesome stunts like toss to hands and tumbling. They also assist the other cheerleaders with the stunts by backing or sidebasing stunts like libs, basket tosses, and assist with cradles.
Dude, look at that dude cheerleader, he must be part of the stunt crew!

Did you see that awesome tumbling pass that stunt man did? Dang, i wish i could do that! I guess it is true: if cheerleading was easy, it would be called football!
by uhnohnuhmuhs July 12, 2008
A stunt man is one how lies, fakes, and fronts. A stunner and not in the good way like baby, wayne etc.Originated on the north side of DALLAS TEXAS
Dang fam cleophis is a straight up stuntman bro he fake.
by jamaile cason August 10, 2006
No body knows defintion except a selected few
Andy Blain is KING STUNT!
by Jawad Ronins April 01, 2005
Only a selected few really know the definiton
Andy Blain is king Stunt
by Jawad Ronins April 01, 2005
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