1) to cause to inspire awe or intrigue.
2) to be in awe or intrigue.
1) "My neck stay blinging/my rims stay gleaming/I'm shining man/I'll teach you how to stunt.
2) I am not even stuntin' the nigga with the bling blang blaow and the ridiculous rims.
by Jen February 10, 2004

It means to have it all... the cars, the cash,the chix, the fame. And be showin it off big time.
G-Dog is stuntin wit that new ride and that bling
by ProblemChild December 11, 2003
1.a crazy act to prove one's stupidity
2.an attempt to show off, get laid.
Bill in his last stunt for at least another month, lost his "one-eyed snake",ironicly, to a snake. Don't ask.
by Fatass February 13, 2003
1.Acrobatic or danderous 2. Anything spectacular done to gain publicity
I`ll teach you how to stunt
My wrists stay rocked up
My TV`s pop up in a Maybach Benz
by IAN December 20, 2003
to drive crazy while swerving, crashing, and breaking stuff in the process. must still be able to walk out alive. an unoffical and unpaid stunt car driver of sorts.
i showed that rock how to stunt under my car.
by xcrash July 13, 2005
To buy a car, or other expensive possesions with a stolen credit card.
J Kwon tried to stunt, but got busted when the dealership asked for ID.
by Jim March 02, 2005
v. To pop shit so fresh it leaves the niggaz buggin

adj. A person who stunts
You go to that G-Unit face-eating party?

Yeah! Dem niggaz be stunt!


Yo, you see that nigga Cedric on da hill? What was that nigga doin?

Chill dog, I thought he was stuntin.
by Zac "Black" German January 06, 2004

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