trying to show off or think that he/she is better
look at that bitch tryin to stunt
by Danellea November 23, 2007
street slang: flashin your bling bling, cruisin wit a high priced ride (preferably a Bentley or Benz), and spendin cheddar on items such as more bling, 20s, crystale or henessy, hos, etc.
Hank be stuntin after winnin da lottery.

Billy Ray stunted befo bein locked up in the Jake.

Leroy stunts for self gratification.
by Ian January 17, 2004
A person who personnifies a stupid cunt, a portmanteau of both words, the term is used to identify someone who personnifies a vagina of little to no intellect. In cases, 'stunt man' or 'stunt woman' may be applied to both genders interchangeably. This is actually how stunt people received the name of their profession; their overwhelming impotence and purposelessness as stupid cunts led them to this career path, because they are highly expendable.
Did you see Janet's tits during the Superbowl performance? What a brazen stunt!
by StuntMaster October 12, 2012
A stupid cunt. A really derogitory word for a woman being a fuckin raging bitch. One ups what many consider the most offensive word in the English language, "Cunt".
I felt like drop kicking that "stunt" who wouldn't shut up during the movie! She was like blah blah blah the whole time.
by E. Knoxx Winthorpe III April 08, 2010
A person or object that is fake, nasty or phony; not the real thing. A persoan involved in fradulant activity; A person who has stolen anothers identity; writes bad checks; or has stolen expensive clothes, jewelry or articles.
She pulled a stunt. This food taste so stunt!
by M O Thomas September 01, 2008
A 'Stunt' is a crime pulled by an individual, like dealing, purse snatching or car theft, something pulled solo. A 'Job' is a crime pulled off by a group, like a large armed robbery, home invasion or con.
One half-understood fifty song shouldn't dictate street slang.
Jimmy's back stuntin' to pay the rent after that bank job fell through
by The Tones November 08, 2005
1.a chick that you fuck and forget about similar to a bird
aka a stizzy

2. a person that says they're gonna do suttin and doesnt do it at like like a front
dude1:i think i love her
dude2:you cant love her she juss a stunt
by xO Tay February 22, 2005

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