Term used to describe a woman who is so beautiful her looks can basically stun a man into insensibility.
You see that girl Tamara over there? She. Is. Stunning!
by BlueCrayonGourmet January 21, 2011
Norman Kalisch
Friend 1: "Look at Norman Kalisch!!"
Friend 2:"He is the most STUNNING man in the world!!"
by TigerGamer January 18, 2015
A (typically male) social media creeper's favorite phrase used to compliment a female, which roughly translates to: "I'm jerking off to this pic right now..." or "I will definitely jerk off to this pic in the near future...but I can't type that or I'll get blocked/deleted/shunned, so instead I'll type 'stunning' so she thinks I'm classy. But everyone knows this is a thin veneer that fails to hide my insatiable pervitude."
"Simply stunning." he typed as he wanked to her new profile pic.

She finally sent him the topless pic he had been begging her for for weeks. He replied "Absolutely stunning."
by J. Utah March 29, 2015
Stoned running.
The new olympic sport is called stunning.
by Hhhhherro October 10, 2010
She is the definition of it.
Emily is a stunning girl.
by TADMAN September 18, 2008

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