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stunnin- a guy or girl who looks very attractive. other words: looker,nice,beautiful,sexy.
nik: check that girl at the bar shez pure stunnin ae?
jordan: yeh, shez pure nice tae look at.
nik: i might approach her
jordan: i rit, shez my chik
nik: a dinny hink so
by claire johnson March 07, 2005
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2.looks qood.
1.ehh why yuu' stunnin.
2.dayum did yuu' see daht quy he is stunnin.
by Jazzy_hawt001 May 26, 2008
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Talking Bullshit. Simultaneously lying.
Andrea: I swear I didn't cheat on you baby!
John: I don't believe you, quit stunnin.
by Mydel April 24, 2008
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