Pronounced "stun-yoo-shess"

A woman (or man) who is so stunning, beautiful, and gorgeous that one of those words just won't do when describing them. It is a term of endearment of the highest honor.
You walk into a room and see her/him.

Shawn: "Oh my God, has anyone ever told you how stuneautious you are?"
Steph: "Ummm no, is that a compliment?"
Shawn: "Hell yeah, it's like the ultimate compliment! I'm serious girl, you are just a stone cold fox. Stuneautious to the extreme!"
Steph: "Well thank you very much. You aren't so bad yourself"
Shawn: "Can I get your number?"
by Arnay June 29, 2008
Top Definition
A woman whom is so attractive in every way that she can't be described by just being called stunning, beautiful, or gorgeous. She is stuneautious. It exemplifies a woman who is of the highest honor, the upper echelon, and the cream of the crop.
A woman walks into the room.
Shawn: "Do you even know how stuneautious you are?"
Stephanie: "Excuse me, what did you call me?"
Shawn: "I said you were stuneautious!"
Stephanie: "Does that mean I'm fat?"
Shawn: "NO, No, no - it means you are the most amazing woman in the world! You are so beautiful, gorgeous, and stunning. I love you so much!"
Stephanie: "Thank you. I love you too!"
by Shawnbo June 28, 2008
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