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The act of fucking someones stump once you have chopped off their head

off the mighty boosh
I chopped his head off and fucked his stump, therefore i did a Stump Fuck
by mypseudonymitsjustme August 15, 2010
6 7
To engage in sexual intercourse using one's amputated limb (usually the leg) to penetrate some bodily orifice.
She said she was down for some kinky shit, so I took off my prosthetic leg and stump fucked her.
28 15
To have intercourse with an amputee.
I stumpfucked Betty. She has no damn legs.
by Jaime Rutherford April 03, 2007
11 2
Person who has nothing better to do but to fuck stumps of trees, body parts, or anything else that can be a stump. General loser. Also can be a tree-hugger.
"Listen Stumpfuck, go back and fuck a tree."
by Jeff May 21, 2003
17 9
by Anonymous October 20, 2003
8 9
A technique used to fuck a large farm animal in a cleared field.
After looking into No. 29's big brown eyes I knew I would have to take her out of the barn and stumpfuck her.
by Ben Dover October 19, 2004
5 9