1. Person featured on Wanny-o's website.
2. Person who enjoys sleeping on couches
3. Small fat schlong.
Look, Stump's pulling a stump and playing with his stump!
by Samurai-X October 03, 2003
noun: When the amputated limb is inserted into an orfice in the body
"That old man stumped me!"

"That skeetclops stumps like crazy"
by White Frank Black September 02, 2006
a big fat but small penis that able to go into a womens mouth
please dont your penis is to fucking small
by bob November 29, 2003
A hill-billy. White trash.
Oh, he's just a stump.

I wish that stump would get rid of all those broken down cars in his front yard.
by JessicaEst December 20, 2006
a penis that is shorter than it is long
Johnny tried to put his stump in her vagina, but couldn't make it passed her labia.
by derek May 17, 2003
a severe smashed pangler
we call adam stump stumply
by Jay May 10, 2003
Someone who is a younger sibling, or someone that is shorter than you. They are usually stupid, annoying and sadistic. They are not very tough either. In other words, they are people that you beat up everyday and laugh at.
Bob is sutch a fucking stump. Lets go fuck up that fucker.
by Dirty Sanchez July 22, 2004

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