(v) To smoke marijuana.
(n) The huge tree stump on East Rock in New Haven, CT. Serves as a great spot for circles.
Harry and I are gonna go stump on Friday. Wanna come?
by Doobie Dave May 26, 2005
A short, fat penis, usually under 4 inches high and around 3-6 inches wide.
Dude, that stump cant be fucked, its to fuckin fat.
by John Poo March 17, 2003
noun: When the amputated limb is inserted into an orfice in the body
"That old man stumped me!"

"That skeetclops stumps like crazy"
by White Frank Black September 02, 2006
A hill-billy. White trash.
Oh, he's just a stump.

I wish that stump would get rid of all those broken down cars in his front yard.
by JessicaEst December 20, 2006
a big fat but small penis that able to go into a womens mouth
please dont your penis is to fucking small
by bob November 29, 2003
1. Person featured on Wanny-o's website.
2. Person who enjoys sleeping on couches
3. Small fat schlong.
Look, Stump's pulling a stump and playing with his stump!
by Samurai-X October 03, 2003
a penis that is shorter than it is long
Johnny tried to put his stump in her vagina, but couldn't make it passed her labia.
by derek May 17, 2003
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