Stupid Trainee Under Military Protection
This guy is so new to the army, he is still a S.T.U.M.P.
by Gary Bowker April 14, 2006
Someone whose gender is not distinguishable or recognizable at first glance. An "It".
Like a tree stump, you can only tell how old it is.
by Gr8L8kes April 30, 2012
Stupid Trainee Unformiliar with Military Procedures
Stump is a name used for Soldiers that are still in training and do stupid things.

"You are a real Stump!"
by Drill Sgt Clark November 11, 2009
someone who is notably short
Short as a tree stump.
by fwe22 July 23, 2006
Something which is high in quality. A favourable item or event. Good.
That movie "Star Wars" was quite stump
by Lenny Corbett August 02, 2004
A person who is non-participatory during the act of sexual intercourse. Similar to a deadfish however more sexually unenjoyable based on lack of experience, skill, or natural fucking ability. Generally a woman. Often of high status or attractiveness (but also commonly having the IQ of a vegetable) that many men wouldn't bother telling to get her act together in the sack.
friend: so..?

victim: I don't want to talk about it.

friend: oh come on bitch wtf happened?

victim: She was a stump and I fucked her like one. (I may as well have gone out and fucked one in the woods)

friend: aww shit. sucks that some girls don't realize they can be HORRIBLE in bed regardless of their genetics right? Did you give her a hint?

victim: nah man she probably wouldn't react well to critizism. she's so far up there on her self appointed high horse. i just fucked her like a ragdoll while trying to inflict as much pain as possible. choked her out.

friend: that a kid
by TheSwift August 19, 2009
(v) To smoke marijuana.
(n) The huge tree stump on East Rock in New Haven, CT. Serves as a great spot for circles.
Harry and I are gonna go stump on Friday. Wanna come?
by Doobie Dave May 26, 2005

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