Adj. describing something that is cool or attractive.

Weird I know, but some kids actually say this where I'm from (South West UK), so although you may not have heard of it, some say it.
Dan - "That girl's stump!"

Mike - "Went to the motorcross on the weekend. It was stump"

Jamie - "That car is stump!"
by we3me January 12, 2012
Dumbass, stupid, and doesn't know shit.
That freaking Stump doesn't know who OJ Simpson is.
by Smartest Person Ever August 06, 2015
A synonym for a mentally retarded person
The short bus is always full of stumps
by stumph8er December 25, 2011
1. The remains of an uprooted or chopped down tree
2. A person who is a waste of space. Does nothing with their lives and refuses to talk to anyone, instead reading their messages and never replying back, 'cause you know, it's a stump and shit. They sit there all day and succeed in doing nothing but taking up space.
Everyone in this town just acts like a goddamn stump.
by Space Ace 1973 March 06, 2015
A person of short stature and/or has a small penis
Preston is a stump
by Poisonwinter January 02, 2012
cool, awesome, exciting
Wow that movie was so stump!!!
by meggerz_08 October 15, 2006
A person who is full of themselves. These people think the whole world revolves around them and dont care about the effects to their actions. These people are also known as yuppies. Stumps are more serious since they are related to a piece of a tree with no life left. Thus meaning these individuals are stupid as a stump.
rich people, bmw drivers, lexus drivers, people in hillsborough,nj, tree stumps
by JDIMAGGIO February 12, 2011
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