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Syn. stumfrazzle

n. One who is caught up so much on any day with stumbizzling that it results in family members' irate complaints and being told to "get off dat puter NOW, ya hear?"
v. to stumbizzle for longer than is normally tolerated by family in one's environment.
adj. stumfrizzled: dreamy, contented, but kind of exhausted state of one who has stumbizzled for a long time without interruption.
Yo, Lenny be stumfrizzled t'nite. He ain't gamin to fly.

Ayisha be po'ed cus Dexxie stumfrizzled on her, yo.

Bro, get on it, bro! Youz be stumfrizzled bad or sumthin'?
by Galcoolest February 27, 2005

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