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1. Someone who probably spends way too much time "stumbling" on the website Stumble Upon.

2. Someone who gets extreme, almost narcotic pleasure from searching the web randomly via a trained/custom program like Stumble Upon
3. Yo mama.
Sam is such a Stumblebum! I wish she'd quit junking up my Facebook wall with that weird $#*!
by Pi-Pie December 20, 2010
Someone whom stumbles and fumbles around lol!
Steve from Late Night with Conan O'Brien is a stumblebum.
by peachygagirl September 27, 2008
Mechanic who haphazardly opperates on motor vehicles while drunk/eating paste. usually starts (drinking) at 6am.
Jughead and Tim are a couple of stumble bums.
by D.D.T. May 06, 2006