(derived from the Russian language)
Stuka (pronounced "shtooka") is an ambiguous word for "a thing". Often something you cannot identify or define.

Stuka can mean anything from a small device (cellphone, electric wire) to a piece of heavy machinery.

A stuka smaller than a regular stuka is called a "stuchka". Means: "small stuka".
"Boris, what is this stuka?"

"Pavel, pass me over that stuka."

"This stuka is extremely useful, Ilya"

"This isn't a stuka. It's too small. It's a stuchka!"
by Asaf August 14, 2005
Top Definition
The Junkers Ju-87 Stuka was a divebomber that was used by the german Luftwaffe during World War II. The sirens that made sort of a screeching/whistling sound as the Stuka dived was demoralising to enemy troops on the ground. "Stuka" is short for Sturzkampfflugzeug.
That plane is a Stuka divebomber.
by Thorgin June 04, 2005
(v) To dive, swoop-down. Named for the German dive-bomber of WWII.
Jake broke his arm when he did a stuka on his Yamaha, right into an empty swimming pool.

Sure, her tits look great now, but when they're out they stuka like you wouldn't believe
by BurningCrom August 18, 2010
American slang word used as a personal insult. Similar to calling someone an idiot.
"Yo Jesus, look at that stuka Steven over there!"

"Hey Anthony, Steven is acting like a real stuka today isn't he!"

"Barry why can't you just stop being a stuka."
by harrison1337 May 06, 2008
A girl that sucks one's penis at random times , in random places; suddenly. Hence Stuka, as in Stuka Ju 87, the Nazi Dive Bomber aircraft from world war 2.
That girl is a total stuka, she totally dove for my cock and sucked it: i think she was schwaffled a little but when my cock banged across her face due to the rapid progress of events. Tally-ho!
by BrownDawg October 16, 2008
A German plane, mass produced during world war II. A very succesfull addaption to the nazi luftwafa.(air force)
watch it the stuka is coming around to strafe us
by jbird March 06, 2005
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