A combination between stupid and doofus.

Mike Skattum and I though of it about a year ago.
you arnt stupid and you arn't a doofus.

You are a stufus you
by Chris West April 07, 2005
Top Definition
shut the fuck up
(the extra "u" is there just to make it sound good)
Shut the fuck up!
by the dark knight August 20, 2003
A spelling error of the acronym STFU (shut the fuck up). Usually left alone because using STUFU over STFU is just cooler.
Person 1: STUFU NIGGER~!
Person 2: WTF?
Person 1: You heard me, bitch! PWND!
by Nanami December 28, 2004
1. Miss spelling of the acronym STFU caused by writing it the way you prenounce it.
2. Short for "Stuff you" implying the action of stuffing or packing something tightly. Usually in a insulting manner. Like stuff your orrifice of choice with object of choice.
Stufu bitch
stufu noob
by Cybersnake July 29, 2006
stupid fucker
death: lmfao n00b, pwn3d!!
killer: don't kill your teammates stufu
by futu November 01, 2003
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