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to have consumed food in such a large quantity that you feel your stomach is very full, to the point of almost or beyond the point of feeling nauseous.
"I'm so stuffed, I couldn't possibly get another piece of that delicious cake down."
by ts3 October 22, 2005
260 108
to be fucked
"dude we're stuffed."
by stargirl March 13, 2004
331 163
to get fucked analy and vaginally
i like getting stuffed
by lok626 September 08, 2009
89 59
4. be tired have eaten so much you became stuffed
3.if someone its being a tool you simply say "get stuffed" instead of get fucked.
1. "i just had a 4 hour long session with my missus im stuffed"
2. "i ate that whole chritmas turkey im stuffed"
3. Tool: hey asshole get the hell of my wife.
You: get stuffed
by btf'07' December 20, 2007
78 51
To get fucked
Hey, I heard Spencer stuffed your pussy last night.
by Chris41 May 03, 2011
26 14
To slap the shit out of the basketball after a person shoots the ball.
Denver: I'm so fucking good at basketball

Zack: Shut the fuck up, I stuffed the shit out of you
by Shane Whitey May 31, 2012
15 5
to be denied
you just got stuffed nigga
by The Kid Nigga August 16, 2008
26 25