One word to mean them all
(as stated in lord of the stuff ;) )
wow u can actually stuff that stuff into that stuff with out stuffing any stuff up ?
by Stuffie May 15, 2004
anything and everything
dude dont touch my stuff. hey put my stuff back. don't grill my stuff.
by tylertopia September 30, 2003
\stuff\ adj. an expression of approval

synonyms: awesome, sweet, cool, etc.
~Hey, that's so stuff, man!
~Some guy knocked me over.. that ain't stuff at all.
by The Light of Reason February 22, 2005
A word used either to repeat a word that you've already said or to suggest that there is a large amount of other things that you just don't want to bother listing.
1) I'm going to go the the movies and stuffs.
2) I love you and stuffs!
by doomydoomdomm November 06, 2011
everything you want, don't want, love, hate, sorta hate, kinda like, might wanna throw out the window, hit with a bat, protect with insurance, love to death, can't live with out, annoys the shit out of you, bugs you when you don't have it, or makes you wanna piss your pants.
Look at all that stuff. You have to much stuff. I hate that stuff. I love that stuff.
by AsTuFfPeRsOn November 19, 2009
One's possessions.
Yo, don't touch my stuff.
by Saints September 26, 2003
Anything can be stuff
everything is a stuff
Stuff can be anything
by 12345gah November 03, 2009
A word used to describe a group of objects. In some cases, can be used for one object.
Will you pick up your stuff off the floor? I nearly tripped over half of it just walking across the room!

This is some good stuff, I didn't know you could cook so well!
by Silenced Angel September 20, 2009
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