A shitass town in eastern Pennsylvania where pittbulls run free in residential neighborhoods.
Stroudsburg is a place where your palistinian neighbors let their pitbull run free in the community so it can kill your cats. Also here in the 'burg' you call the cops to do something about this neighborhood menace and they ask to see your dead cat. You show him your mawled kitten and then he proceeds to ask you where the dog is. You tell him next door. So he goes and sees blood all over the dogs face and then leaves. Everyday i walk outside this dog is in my yard. I keep telling it that there is no more cats to eat because she killed them all,but she keeps coming back.
Stroudsburg is full of fake ass thugs(wankstas)and wiggers. It sucks don't go you'll regret it.
by Jacky March 27, 2005
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