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A predominantly white upper-middle class community where the asians are in short supply and Abercrombie and Fitch is the wardrobe supplier for 130% of the population (excluding those over the age of 18, and under the age of 4)

aka "skanksville", "where the boys tan too"

Strongsville creates the illusion of wealth.
"wtf that Strongsvillian cleared out the bin of pink Abercrombie polos"
by St. Anne June 07, 2005
165 48
A town south of Cleveland, that is a majority white. It is known for its mall, football team, marching band, and large amount of faggy people.
"Strongsville beat Brunswick again?"
by Lord T. Boncan October 27, 2008
56 37
A city in west Cleveland. It is famous for the Southpark Mall and it's share in crime, and drivebys. while there is a huge white population in the city, it has many black, mexican, and indians which are generally discriminated against. also the white poplulation are all assholes.
1)Officer Barbrady: Shut the fuck nigga, before i beat the brown outta your ass. the fuck is your minority ass doing in my Strongsville

2) Group of White boys: hey look that those niggas and indians. hahaha lets go fuck wit em'. we can only do this shit because the cops love us white people Strongsville and hate everyone else
by hough heights December 04, 2010
21 47
the place where unoriginal hoes live fuck and stay. i live in strongsville, YOU ARE ALL NASTY CUMMY HOES. get some damn clothes on excluding a&e Hollister and American eagle.

and thnx.
" omg my hair doesn't match my shoess ahh thats soo not cool! i shouldn't be living in strongsville!"
by $k@r@ b00 April 09, 2009
38 65