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A hostile, violent, and shallow female character based around what a cynical male writer thinks is "female empowerment". Such characters usually dress in some kind of fetish outfit and beat up a succession of men that leer, make snide remarks, or attempt rape. Despite being "independent", their arcs inevitably include constant angst over how they're not like other women and men just don't understand them.
The film of Barb Wire involves a woman that dresses like a prostitute and drops a man to a death by gigantic explosion for calling her "babe". Strong independent woman!
by Alexander Peregrine August 22, 2012
When you fuck a bitch and she have a baby. She become the real bitch and fuck the man with child support, but denies needing the man.
Kim: why did you dump Robert after the birth
Taylor: because I'm a strong independent woman, and I don't need his help.
by Dvidedbyzero March 18, 2016
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