beer; alcohol; alcoholic beverages
you goin to the striz fast? striz fast meaning kegger
by Steve O September 15, 2003
Top Definition
straight;ok with sumthing;chilling
"hows that for tha job?"
"thats striz."

"u want sum weed?" "nahhh im striz."
by Hip A.K.A TRIGGA March 02, 2003
A guy who constantly states he will go out partying but then backs out in the same sentence.

Also a term for a guy who is whipped by his job and has no more life
Guy #1 to Guy #2: We're going partying tonight, you in?

Guy # 2 in response: "Uh yeah...wait no i have to" (fill in the blank with your own lame ass excuse)

1. My buddy (fill in the blank) is a striz because he is bailing on partying tonight.

2. You are such a striz
by CD October 24, 2003
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