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(adj.) A phrase to demoralize a person.
Hey stripper tits! You spilled my beer.
by El-Dogfather July 31, 2005
(n.) 1. Any form of fake breasts especially excessively large ones 2. a woman who possesses said fake breasts.

(ex.) An exclamation of utter surprise or bewilderment.
(n.)1. I heard Jess got some work done on her, she came out with stripper tits.
2. Hey, way to go there stripper tits.

(ex.) TV Announcer: And the Packers lead the Pats 34-3.
Pats fan: Stripper tits!
by TommyOkktane January 16, 2004
unusually large cup size coupled with an unusually small band size. Can be either real or fake.
"I started sprouting boobs at age 10, so by the time I was 12 I was a 32F, full on stripper tits."
by Sharkysmachine April 07, 2006