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a gas station/convinence store, that serves 99 cent burritos and corn dogs and other foods that are deep fried, often giving you explosive diarrhea or indegestion if consumed. if the diarrhea don't get you, the next time you go to the bathroom your ass will sting after you get done taking a shit, this can often last for even the next day
Carlos: "ey vato whats going on with you?"

Ector: " my fucking ass be stinging an i been having chorro all day!"

Carlos: "leme guess...you ate at stripes?!"

Ector: "yea! how did you know?"
by baka kuso yaro September 09, 2011
noun: Slang for bullet, as in the actual projectile ammunition.
Right, right, so that's a Mac 10 and a Berretta... They only got one clip each, man, so you should buy some stripes, too, if you're gonna do some serious bangin'.
by tweet September 26, 2005
When you blow your load and leave a line of jizz across someone's face, chest, or back.
See that chick over there? I striped her last night.
by yetisexer February 27, 2009
Generic term for referee often used in rec league hockey or sports.
"Hey Stripe, that was clearly offsides -- I will loan you my glasses for the rest of the game..."
by Chuck Clemence November 25, 2008
a term meaning an amazing occurrence.
synonyms include: fresh, clutch, buckets, big, amazing, sweet, sick, nasty, baller, balla, ill, dope
man did you see that last second shot he hit against the wizards. Man LeBron is so stripe
by DougieFresh March 14, 2007
another word for swagga, swagg, cool etc.
That nigga don't have no stripes, I got a better drink than you because i gat stripes, "Why you like him so much ?" " Because he gat stripes".
by jazamin July 30, 2011
lines of cocaine prepared ready to be taken
"does anyone want one of these stripes?"
"i was so wired off them stripes last night!"
by ivor bigun January 20, 2008