another name for a line of cocaine
John: "Are you coming the bog for a stripe lad?"
Dave: "Yeah go on then lad."
by TommyTackle February 06, 2010
Top Definition
A symbol of acceptance in a origanized criminal origanization, A symbol of respect or enhancement of one's reputation on the streets.
Mike robbed a bank so he earned his stripes.
by Jolene February 14, 2005
Another name for the tear drop people get under their eye when the kill someone
Yeaha, I capped that nigga to get my first stripe.
by Clayton Jonesss September 19, 2008
stripe meaning to cut someone with a blade, often a Stanly knife or cut throat razor, leaving stripes on their body or face.
Fuck off or I'll stripe you up!
by Fubar 1 February 21, 2012
A slang term for the free-throw line in basketball.
Billups drives it to the rim and is fouled. He'll step to the stripe for two.
by Alexander F May 13, 2009
verb: To Twat, To Lash, To Chin, To Glass, To Deck, To Fetch the fucker...... ad nauseam
If that cunt opens his gob once more, I'll fucking stripe the cunt!!!
by notapaki October 24, 2003
a gas station/convinence store, that serves 99 cent burritos and corn dogs and other foods that are deep fried, often giving you explosive diarrhea or indegestion if consumed. if the diarrhea don't get you, the next time you go to the bathroom your ass will sting after you get done taking a shit, this can often last for even the next day
Carlos: "ey vato whats going on with you?"

Ector: " my fucking ass be stinging an i been having chorro all day!"

Carlos: "leme ate at stripes?!"

Ector: "yea! how did you know?"
by baka kuso yaro September 09, 2011
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