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ping pong but when you lose a point you strip
Bob: Hey i got you there
Ashley: Darn are you sure.. o well i got 1 thing left on my thong i am gonna take it off
Bob: Wow first your boobs and now your............. yeah WOW
by Strip Ping Pong KING December 24, 2004

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A game of ping pong where the stakes are your clothes. Similar to strip poker.
I owned Jenny at strip ping pong.
by JJ December 17, 2004
a game for skinny dudes or dudettes to get naked to. For the most part it is girl on girl or guy on guy since anyone who plays ping pong is gay. If one person gains a point the other must strip off a piece of their clothing (guys will take off their skirt and girl will take off their pants).
A lot of people play strip ping pong in sisco
by flipynif December 29, 2004
Either classic Table Tennis played in the nude, or the same game played like Strip Poker. Each time a player loses a match, they lose a piece of clothing. It is advisable for female participants to choose to keep their bras rather than their panties, as free boobs can severely impediment the game.

Generally played socially rather than competitively.
Unfortunately Sharpanova said no to a game of strip ping pong.
by Coldy! December 26, 2004
An otherwise normal game of ping pong, except that everytime one looses a rally, the individual must remove an item of clothing whether it be an entire sweater or a small sock.
It is up to the players to determine whether jewelry counts.
Me: Ey you there! I say you there! Care to play a game of strip ping pong?
Person: i dont know you.
Me: you will soon.
Person: sure, what the hell, ive been on a dry streak for 3 years, maybe this is a chance to get laid.
by neshypoo December 30, 2004
A game best played when your opponent is drunk and very attractive.
Note: Layers are a crucial strategy for this game.
by amc December 15, 2004
The reason for why we play ping pong. Basically its the idea given that when you're playing ping pong as a last resort of doing something, you make wagers of winning the game and if you lose you strip. Makes the game more fun :)
Jim: Damn linda im getting tired of this game want to have some fun?
Linda: Yeah!! whoever loses takes it all off!
Jim: You going down bitch, and so are your clothes!
by AshMan December 28, 2004
A game where one plays table tennis and the loser must remove a layer of clothing.
Strip Ping Pong is Nikki's favourite game.
by Jeremiah December 21, 2004