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strip blackjack is a combination of blackjack and strip poker. how to play is you get a group of friends close or not very close friends and play regular blackjack. the person to have the lowest amount with their cards or by simply going over the number 21 must remove and item of clothing. socks and shoes count as one and necklaces, bracelets, rings, or any kind of jewelery and yes hair ties too are not accepted as an item of clothing to be removed. the last person to have some type of clothing on is announced winner of the game.
last night 3/11/06 me and a few of my friends(jodi, courtany, richie, calvin, and logan) were bored like no other and i(marissa)really wanted to play blackjack after learning how to play earlier that week; but my friend jodi wanted to play strip poker so we combined them together forming the game strip blackjack. the first person the lose was richie, and from then on it went jodi, courtany, me(marissa), and logan. calvin was announced winner of that round that night. i never thought that i would end up getting naked in front of 5 other people. it was the greatest night of my life so far.
by marissa and jodi March 12, 2006
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