1. Someone who never miss-flames whilst striking a match

2. Someone who excessively utilises match striking.

3. Someone who knows many a way to strike a match.

4. A fake complement to shout at someone walking the oposite direction, as if to pretend they had done somthing that would echo through the ages.
Striker!!!!!!!!!! (To a familiar, closing-in-on-me type person)
by Absolut Russia November 15, 2006
Top Definition
An undefinable god-like person dwelling in a dark, trance-like state of mind, who revels in challenges.
Striker scilently yet lethally put down his opponent from the shodows before scanning the scene for his next victim.
by Striker April 03, 2005
A position in Football(or soccer in NA). Play far up the pitch and generally the highest goalscorers in the team. Types of Striker include but are not limited to:

Target Man: Someone who the other players try to 'target' with their long passes, usually because they are tall and can win a lot of headers.

Pace Merchant/Fast Striker: A quick, nimble player whose team-mates will often look to play 'in-behind' the opposition defence.

Poacher: Looks to get on the end of rebounds and deflections and generally positions himself well to score, downside is they might be quite selfish.

Many players have qualities of each type.

Target Man: Didier Drogba, Peter Crouch, Luca Toni, Jan Koller

Pace Merchant: Thierry Henry, Darren Bent, Samuel Eto'o, Robbie Keane

Poacher: Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Andrew Johnson, Michael Owen, Filippo Inzaghi
by SEAy June 05, 2007
A prospect (bottom rocker) on a motorcycle gang that is utilized for violent acts.
Send out a striker to teach that snitch a lesson.
by Red81 November 15, 2010
Noun - prison term

Refers to a pencil modified in a way to light fires using AC electrical power in a prison cell.

In prisons that have out-lawed smoking, matches are not allowed.

Inmates will generally use a paper-clip bending one sharp end out to poke it through the eraser of a sharp pencil. The other end is pushed into an electrical outlet. A wire from headphones or even rolled aluminum foil is pushed in the other hole in the outlet. When the wire is "struck" up against the sharp graphite carbon of the pencil it produces a "carbon-arc" capable of lighting toilet paper or other combustibles found in a prison cell.

A striker is considered contraband in the prison systems.
Hey, loan me your striker, I wanna smoke a pinner.

You can make tatt-ink with the soot from burning aftershave if you light it with a striker and place it under a paper bag.
by Kuerno May 23, 2008
The Social Athlete who always manages to slot one away. He's always chasing girls on a night out.
"I've got no idea where Jim's gone. He's probably off being a striker again".

"Isn't it Davo's birthday today? When's he arriving?"...... "He got here ages ago, but he's chasing after a girl, being a striker".
by TheAthlete November 02, 2014
The last thing you see playing HL-mod-NS, or BF1942-mod-DC

The one who brings pain to the wanabees and plesure to there women

The one who shamlessly promotes himself on a interesting dictionary site.
I cant belive Striker got me again.....OMFG H4x !!!!
by Striker May 19, 2003
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