Stress: (V) When you want strangle the living shit out of some ass hole who probably deserves it.
I feel like taking my stress out on John.
by Socomsnake April 09, 2006
Pretty much the crapiest weed around. It's usually brown, dry, and full of seeds. It doesn't have that nice, danky weed smell either. Doesn't get you very high unless you smoke a shit load of it and even then, you can only get so high off of it. Stress is also known for giving you a headache and making you sleepy during the come-down. The only plus about stress is that you get a lot of it for cheap, but most people don't even want a lot of stress. Lots of newbies to the world of weed will buy stress because they choose quantity over quality.
Dude 1: Dude, I've got some bud.
Dude 2: Ha-Ha! Fuck yeah!
Dude 1: I've got like, 9 G's! We're gonna get fucked up!
Dude 2: Nine G's? Damn! How much you pay?
Dude 1: $15
Dude 2: What? Fifteen bucks...Aw, man! You didn't get
stress did you?
Dude 1: I don't know...I guess...
Dude 2: Hand me the sack.

-Opens sack-

Dude 2: *sniff* Yup, this is stress alright...Man...
Dude 1: Oh. So, should we smoke it?
Dude 2: Might as well...
by fuzzee August 08, 2006
Caused when you go to a shitty crackpot high school where eveyrone acts like their on crack all the time in front of the teachers, who also act like their on crack because they totally approve of the unacceptable behavior. When people are throwing stuff at you and other people, adn their is no respect for the community, where people just shun each other and make racist comments without a good reason, and you are just standing there unable to beleive whats going on in your pathetic little world, and start to question your sanity. and your brain constantly blanks out because you are trying to figure out why everyone is sooo FUCKED UP, and you are possibly the only normal (or were) human being existing in that place.
And when you stay in that pathetic world for a while, hmmm, lets say, about 10 months, you start to lose your identity and become one of these pathetic creatures. it IS sad. With all this stress you start to act up on everyone to the point where your mom wants to disown you and now your life is like some kinda shitty movie of a teenagers shitty life. word of advice? DONT come to central jersey.
Person Talking to Girl Under This Stress: OMG, could you help me?


Person talking to Girl Under This Stress: Wow, you have some serious issues!!!

Girl Under This Stress: Yeah, its like I dont know who I am anymore! The world is slowly ocming to an end with all these crackpotted aholes!!
by STRESSED4LIFE February 04, 2009
Usually caused by difficult times, and is when you feel worthless, and it is from people at school and it is half your fault for being shy and not talking to them and making friends.
Student: Eric!
Eric: Wanna hear a story?
Student: Geez Eric that is all you do you aren't interested in me and don't even care about me you just want to show off and be heard. You are a nerd.

This is true about nerds! search nerd, by clicking here nerd.
by Cadorie November 18, 2003
some bunk ass weed usually filled with stems and seeds. becomes a pain in the ass to smoke because you gotta spend so much time taking out seeds and stems, and sometimes after this your bag ends up 1/2 its sized if ur seller was a jewbag.
its johnny's birthday today, I say we just pitch in 5 each on stress and roll and Suge Knight blunt.
by jasdub April 02, 2007
the confusion created when the mind must override the bodys basic disire to beat the liveing shit out of some ass hole who defenitly deserves it
ugh im under so much stress, i want to strangle this guy but ill get fired
by JustDon'tLook August 04, 2008
The feeling created when one's mind tends to override the body's basic desire to choke the living shit out of some asshole who desperately deserves it.
That feeling of built up stress when you're already late and some person just hit your car.
by Lexxi Infidel March 03, 2009
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