A person obsessed with anything and everything having to do with Barbara Joan Streisand. Sings a song from her at least once a day and tries to donate his or her time to anything Barbra-homepage is probably www.barbrastreisand.com or www.simplystreisand.com
streisand addict: "OMG was she amazing or what?"
anonymous:"Yeah she does have a pretty good voice and she is a very good actress'
streisand addict: "You mean like the best actress in the world-and the best singer!!"
anonymous:"Uh yeah..I guess-why are you hugging your lingerie?"
streisand addict: "There not mine there Barbra's I bought them online for $600.00-and (begins to weep)-it was worth every penny".
anonymous: (starts to walk back very slowly)
by streisand fan-(not addict) August 04, 2009

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