Streetlight manifesto.. one of thee best most amazingly awesomee ska bands ever!!! known to man kind!! a mixture of reggae and rock.. and just everything dudee! amazing brass! and Bari and Tenor and Alto saxaphones..
dude seriosuly? wow.. go jump off a bridgee!, how do you not know who streetlight manifesto is?
by Liqhtninqq April 23, 2011
One of the best yet most frustrating ska bands ever conceived.
Wow Streetlight Manifesto's new album was awesome, too bad it took them five years. And what was up with Keasbey Nights?
by santawert February 17, 2010
the biggest disgrace to music ever created . total bullshit . sounds like mexican music trying to be punk . its a complete and utter failure on the parts of poser band members, Thomas Kalnokey , Josh Ansley , and a few others who don't even deserve to be named . this band does NOT and NEVER will be able to claim the title of 'decent punk band' . the entire ska genre is total SHIT .
oh my gosh , streetlight manifesto is so freaking awful . the members of that band are a threat to society . they should be institutionilized . then cut 1000000 times with a razor blade . then dipped in a mixture of orange juice and salt . then have their fingers burned off , so they can never play again . then have their penises turned inside out , like some poorly executed sex change . suck on that bitches .
by taytaytheterminator January 02, 2011
There is only one person who once did a short tour with OCG in the band.
by josh September 25, 2003

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