Basketball played on the "street" courts with a liberal application of the rules, Keeping it real but with a few more body checks and bruises. Where the real game gets its inspiration and flare.
You and meet and a game o Street Ball punk, no refs and no crying.
by Badboy August 27, 2003
A bisarre came made up by group of kids in the ghetto, most people do not know how to play it. (DOES NOT MEAN BASKET BALL!)
I learned how to play street ball the other day, however i gambled 20 bucks and lost it.
by cheese man123 July 28, 2005
basketball not played in a real court but outside with no refs and less fouls
by Anonymous August 27, 2003
A severed testible found on the asphalt. Most common in the locale of the Gowanus canal.
It's a bad neighborhood, street balls and all.
by The Fantastic 5 August 27, 2003
You throw, kick, or dribble somebody into a moving car
Street ball fuckin' hurts
by soop-kitchin maneiack August 27, 2003
basketball , bball ,ball
im nang at street ball
by me August 25, 2003
streetball is mad!!woot!!its crazy man i love hotsauce!!woot
by hotsizzle November 02, 2003

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